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Export Partner was established in Kocaeli in 2008; is in agreement to customers Export Consulting, It provides services in International Business Development and government support. Our company in the database rooted in using potential companies and communicating abroad. Customers in Export, thanks to organizations Eliminating the problem of finding it, it opens its Partners to the World.

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Statistics on Export Partners

Exporting is an important strategy for a business to grow and gain competitive advantage in international markets. Choosing the right export partner for a business that wants to export is a critical factor for its success. In this article, we will include some statistics about export partners.

China, the USA, Germany, Japan and South Korea are among the countries where exports are made the most in the world. As of 2020, approximately 14% of world exports were made by China.

Most of the exports in world trade take place between developed countries. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO) data as of 2020, approximately 80% of world exports were realized among developed countries.

The export amount of Turkey in 2021 is around 200 billion dollars and the most exported products include ready-to-wear, automotive, machinery and chemical products.

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We have been using the CRM Program and UGİTEC device since 2009 and we are developing and updating it every day. Our advanced platform plays a valuable role in export among our Partners and their customers. We integrate the international number we have allocated into the CRM we use. Thanks to this software, you will be able to evaluate your user and company performance with advanced report options. You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls and listen to voice recordings.

E-Export and Marketing

As an Export Partner, with our E-Export Market Research service, we ensure that your export potential all over the world is revealed, the target audience suitable for your products and services is determined, the people to be contacted and sales are known, the global platforms to be sold are determined, your competitors are determined and these competitors are analyzed in detail. It covers a wide range of services from creating special, creative, functional, secure and modern websites to reaching the right customers and getting effective results in the shortest time, at the least cost, in target markets with Advertising Services.

Market and Competitor Analysis

The key to competing and outperforming competitors is to evaluate prominent growth areas and market trends. By effectively understanding the needs and wishes of our partners' target audiences, we analyze the parameters required for business strategy models and historical performance data in designing a successful market entry strategy and direct them to the business models we provide consultancy. Thanks to this service; Designing the product to be developed in a way that directly meets the customer's needs, Making an effective product differentiation and positioning by determining the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor products, By this means, facilitating the sale by starting the marketing process even before the product development process, Determining the Pricing and Promotion Strategies clearly, We contribute to the determination of the product and marketing strategy in a way that will ensure target-oriented and tangible added value increase by concentrating the serious effort to a point where the return will be really fast.

commercial law

We provide Legal Consultancy and Implementation Services in Customs and Foreign Trade to the companies that import and export in the sector in which they operate, in order to overcome the obstacles arising from the practices in Customs and Foreign Trade transactions. There may be difficulties in customs matters with importers and exporters. With Customs, Import and Export Law, situations such as misinformation, missing documents and documents can be resolved on a legal basis. With its young, dynamic and pro-active team, it can provide all kinds of basic services to reach all over the world, as well as complex solutions specific to the problem. Foreign trade is regulated by customs law in Turkey. Export and import transactions According to Customs, Import and Export Law, we provide you with a problem-free import and export process.

Number Allocation

By making use of our IP switchboard and IP number services, we create a foreign trade infrastructure for our Partners, we provide digital identity and brand awareness studies for your worldwide promotion and provide a return number for the country you target from 86 countries. With the number we have allocated to you, you will be able to both receive calls from your customers and call your customers as if they were in that country.

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  • Export Personnel Finding Support
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  • International Cargo Shipping *Using Jet Cargo and Providing Special Discounted Transport Service (10% Discounted Shipping Advantage)
  • Return Address Service
  • Professional Product Photo Shoot
  • Overseas Advertisement Promotion

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Customer comments

Forlife Led & Solar Lighting Inc.

In the meeting we went to without knowing almost anything, they made us have information about almost everything about export in 3 hours. Our products are sold in wholesale and retail by themselves, I can easily send them on Jetkargola without dealing with customs procedures as long as sales are made. A very professional and competent team. If you are thinking of selling in Europe, export partner is the right address!

Sinan Taranoglu - Founder

April 5, 2023

Raysan Technology Industry Trade Limited Company

By making changes in the company structure, they strengthened our international trade and increased our export sales. I can make wholesale sales by communicating with target companies using the Export Partner sectoral company database. They also sell their own e-export products in retail. All we have to do is send the products.

Mevlüt Eker - Founder

April 5, 2023


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How can you improve your relations with your export partner?

Establishing a good relationship with your export partner is important to the success of your export activities. Here are some tips to improve your relations with your export partner

Citizenship registration

A citizenship record is an official document in which a person's place of birth, parents, date of birth and other personal information are recorded. This registration is required for many transactions, such as identifying a person, traveling, getting married, voting, and using government services. Citizenship registration can be done immediately after birth at the hospital or municipality. Also, although this can be done later, additional documents such as a birth certificate may need to be submitted.

Easy Way to Expand to Overseas Markets

Today, many businesses aim to open up to foreign markets by exporting. However, export transactions are a very complex process and go through many different stages. Export Partner is a service that facilitates this process.



The company» aye-Premium " was founded on 22.02.2002. Since then, it has developed dynamically in the field of international trade and gradually expanded its field of activity. Starting by building a reliable food distribution system, the company firmly consolidated the distributor's position in the Russian market. For a while Then it got the status of a direct importer. To be proud of the product we offer, we approach the selection of suppliers very carefully! We appreciate the quality and healthy properties and taste of food. From each country, we buy the traditionally famous: butter from Italy and confectionery from Belgium. We found the most We want to travel all over the World to share the good thing with you! The company "AIE-Premium" contributes to increasing the recognition of the products presented on the Russian market. How do we do this? We constantly participate in various exhibitions and by placing advertisements in the media. Through close cooperation and constant dialogue with our customers, we only meet your expectations We can not only meet but exceed your expectations. The company "AIE-Premium" is interested in long-term cooperation with customers and partners! We work with retailers, shops, stations and reliable regional companies. In addition, the company "AIE-Premium" provides trucking services. At present, the transportation division of the company has become an independent transportation company — «AIE partner».


manufacture of leather products and accessories


Production plant "Ilinskoye 95" -produces and packs strawberries rubbed with natural butter, vegetable oil, spread, margarine, ghee, mayonnaise and mayonnaise dressings, condensed milk, sugar, curd products, sunflower oil, ketchup and tomato paste. Also offering private label or «own brand» manufacturing service is now one of the priorities for Retail Trade networks and distribution companies. PC "Ilinskoe 95" has everything you need to realize your ideas - production capacity, formulation, technology.

Ceramic Pro LLC

Multifunctional protective coating manufacturer for every surface.

Koyuncu Information Technologies San.Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti

As KOYUNCU Information Technologies Services, we provide services in many areas such as the design and implementation of the entire IT infrastructure, the end-to-end management of system and network projects, ERP projects, IT consultancy, IT support services. KOYUNCU is a system integrator focused on customer satisfaction and acting with an understanding of service quality. In 2019, it acquired the biolustre brand, one of America's global brands and priority brands, and took great strides in the production and export of cosmetics and health products. Under the brand name BIOLUSTRE, the company took over the construction of hygiene kits by participating in the tender. It exports health products worldwide and shows rapid growth. Biolustre is a technologically award-winning, advanced and innovative company that has achieved a worldwide reputation for elegance, luxury and superior quality. Our products promise to meet the best quality standards. Through extensive research and careful evaluation of products, we are pleased to offer mild and highly effective health, care, protection and hair products. Koyuncu BTM has adopted the principle of being different from the others in the sector with its customer-oriented approach and solutions offered as a single team and has achieved this to a large extent. Our design team consists of experts in analysis, design, development, publishing and support. While the leading Turkish BTM Koyuncu supports institutions, organizations and institutions at home in web design and software, many websites and software provide CONSULTING and service abroad. Koyuncu BTM, which adopts an innovative, professional and customer-oriented approach to each project with its own theme, is always with you with all its knowledge and experience.

Anhui Landlove Eco Production Co.,Ltd

We produce eco-friendly bamboo microfiber glasses. 3 billion plastic cups end up in the junkyard every year, so our eco cups are an excellent alternative to disposable cups. Show that you care for the environment every time you drink coffee from our cups.


 Logo Ozcelik Customs
It is a customs clearance company operating in Turkey. The company provides customs clearance services at ports, airports and border gates in various regions of Turkey. Özçelik Customs provides consultancy services as well as export and import transactions. The company works with its expert staff to support its customers in the customs clearance process and ensure that the transactions are completed smoothly.
 Logo evobulus
"Evobulut" is a cloud computing company based in Türkiye. The company provides cloud computing services to its customers, helping businesses manage their IT infrastructure. The services offered by Evobulut include virtual server, hosting, data storage, e-mail services and cloud-based applications.
 Logo Efe Contact
It is a communication agency based in Türkiye. The company helps brands make their voices heard by providing services such as strategic communication consultancy, brand management, media relations, digital marketing and event management to its clients. Efe İletişim aims to increase the impact of its communication campaigns by offering solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. The company serves many national and international clients and is among the leading communication agencies in Turkey.
 Logo Canlaw
It is a law firm operating in Turkey. The company provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to its customers and produces solutions in different fields of law. Can Law's areas of expertise include commercial law, corporate law, tax law, real estate law, employment law, criminal law and family law. The company aims to help its customers protect their rights and solve problems by providing consultancy and advocacy services in legal processes.
 Logo Neytek
It is an electronic equipment and software design company operating in Turkey. The company offers its customers customized solutions for industrial automation, energy management, measurement and control systems, defense industry, healthcare and other sectors. Neytek aims to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of its customers by using R&D studies and innovative technologies in its products and services. The company serves its customers in domestic and international markets.
 Logo beiza
It is a cosmetics brand based in Türkiye. The company offers its customers face, hair, body care and make-up products. Beiza's products contain natural and organic ingredients and are not tested on animals. The company aims to make a difference in the field of beauty and care by offering safe, quality and environmentally friendly products to its customers. Beiza not only has sales points at many points in the country and abroad, but also offers its products to its customers online.
 Logo JetCargo
It is a cargo company based in Türkiye. The company provides fast and reliable cargo transportation services to its customers and provides cargo delivery to many points in Turkey. JetKargo's services include standard cargo transportation, air cargo, sea cargo and emergency cargo services. The company also offers its customers advantages such as online cargo tracking system, free packaging service and payment at the door for air cargo services. JetKargo provides service with its branches and agencies at many points in Turkey.
It is a German-based manufacturer of automotive parts and accessories. The company manufactures power steering systems, pump units, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves and similar products. In addition, HTZ GmbH also provides maintenance, repair and spare parts services for the parts it produces. The company's customer portfolio includes many different sectors such as the automotive industry, the construction industry, the mining industry and the maritime industry.
 Logo Digimondi
DigiMondi, Acerpro Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş. and Mehmet Rıfat Evyap Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, started its activities in 2019 with the protocol signed. The majority of DigiMondi employees are vocational high school graduates and students. DigiMondi team, carefully trained under the control of the professional team of Acerpro company, contributes to the digitalization of many sectors, especially the insurance sector.