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We have been using the CRM Program and UGİTEC device since 2009 and we are developing and updating it every day. Our advanced platform plays a valuable role in export among our Partners and their customers. We integrate the international number we have allocated into the CRM we use. Thanks to this software, you will be able to evaluate your user and company performance with advanced report options. You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls and listen to voice recordings.

E-Export and Marketing

As an Export Partner, with our E-Export Market Research service, we ensure that your export potential all over the world is revealed, the target audience suitable for your products and services is determined, the people to be contacted and sales are known, the global platforms to be sold are determined, your competitors are determined and these competitors are analyzed in detail. It covers a wide range of services from creating special, creative, functional, secure and modern websites to reaching the right customers and getting effective results in the shortest time, at the least cost, in target markets with Advertising Services.

Market and Competitor Analysis

The key to competing and outperforming competitors is to evaluate prominent growth areas and market trends. By effectively understanding the needs and wishes of our partners' target audiences, we analyze the parameters required for business strategy models and historical performance data in designing a successful market entry strategy and direct them to the business models we provide consultancy. Thanks to this service; Designing the product to be developed in a way that directly meets the customer's needs, Making an effective product differentiation and positioning by determining the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor products, By this means, facilitating the sale by starting the marketing process even before the product development process, Determining the Pricing and Promotion Strategies clearly, We contribute to the determination of the product and marketing strategy in a way that will ensure target-oriented and tangible added value increase by concentrating the serious effort to a point where the return will be really fast.

commercial law

We provide Legal Consultancy and Implementation Services in Customs and Foreign Trade to the companies that import and export in the sector in which they operate, in order to overcome the obstacles arising from the practices in Customs and Foreign Trade transactions. There may be difficulties in customs matters with importers and exporters. With Customs, Import and Export Law, situations such as misinformation, missing documents and documents can be resolved on a legal basis. With its young, dynamic and pro-active team, it can provide all kinds of basic services to reach all over the world, as well as complex solutions specific to the problem. Foreign trade is regulated by customs law in Turkey. Export and import transactions According to Customs, Import and Export Law, we provide you with a problem-free import and export process.

Number Allocation

By making use of our IP switchboard and IP number services, we create a foreign trade infrastructure for our Partners, we provide digital identity and brand awareness studies for your worldwide promotion and provide a return number for the country you target from 86 countries. With the number we have allocated to you, you will be able to both receive calls from your customers and call your customers as if they were in that country.