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Product Description: Desmodur RFE Covestro is often used as a crosslinking agent for Baypren and Desmocoll adhesives. The substance is a 27% solution of tris-thiophosphate in ethyl acetate. The product has excellent adhesion to rubber and a number of other materials. Desmodur glue is actively used in various industries and in everyday life. The popularity of this solution is due to the excellent value for money. If you would like to purchase this product, please contact us using the contact details provided on the website. Desmodur RE Covestro provides the highest glue bond density and maximum fixing strength. Also, using this solution provides resistance to exposure to substances such as liquid fuels, oils, alkalis, solvents and acids. Bonding areas are almost not exposed to moisture and high temperatures. Specification Characteristic Value Unit Method Content of NCO groups 7.2 ± 0.2% M105-ISO 11909 Characteristic Value Unit Method Content of non-volatile compounds approximately 27% DIN EN ISO 3251 Density approximately 1.0 g /cm3 at 20 ºC DIN 53 217/5 Viscosity at 20 ºC is about 3 MPa · With DIN 53 015 Solvent ethyl acetate Flash point -4 ºC DIN 51 755 RFE Desmodur Glue Application Desmodur products are widely used as a primer for the treatment of surfaces before bonding. Also, this glue is used to bond rubber and metal through vulcanization. Bonding of rubber and metal is done by the following methods: using an ebonite mixture; ironing the fixtures; with the addition of adhesives -adhesives. The democratic price and high efficiency of this product contribute to the increase in its demand not only in the industrial environment, but also in everyday life. Would you like to buy Desmodur for household needs? This product is perfect for bonding rubber, PVC and other materials. It is often used in the repair of shoes, rubber boots and other products. The product has a very long-lasting vitality. After the mortar has been added, the adhesive can be used for several hours. The life of the mixture depends on the chemical composition of the adhesive. This applies not only to the content of polymers, but also to components such as solvents, antioxidants. After a few hours, the viscosity level of the glue starts to increase rapidly and a gel that can no longer be used is formed. At low temperatures, crystals in the liquid container usually appear, which dissolve when heated. Store RFE Covestro Desmodure in the original container at a temperature between +10 and +30 degrees. The solution is extremely sensitive to moisture and therefore it is necessary to store it in well-closed containers. Heating of the solution and foreign matter should not be allowed to enter the container. The shelf life of the product is 12 months from the date of shipment. Recycle: Based on the current version of the security page. Package

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