About Us

Export Partner was established in Kocaeli in 2008; Export to its contracted customers It provides consultancy, International Business Development and government support services. Our company using the potential companies in the database and communicating in the overseas leg. By eliminating the problem of finding customers in exports, thanks to well-established organizations, it brings its partners to the world. It hurts.

Today, all businesses are less affected by epidemics and economic fluctuations in the world. to be affected, to minimize the market risk by dividing it, to expand the production capacity with orders and more successful results in export activities, which it is directed with purposes such as increasing productivity. We support our Partners with the sales strategies we have developed to reach them.

Those who aim to export or who want to increase their existing exports by carrying out more systematically services we can offer to businesses under this program;

E-Export and Marketing

Professional Service

Wide Language Options

From Europe to Worldwide

Premium Product Listing

Market and Competitor Analysis

Software and Hardware support

Commercial Law

Number Allocation

We offer many options and services to promote your company with original content.

Our Vision

Achieving maximum success with the producers we partner with and increasing this success We aim to continue.

Our Mission

Domestic production of products with high import dependency in order to reduce the current account deficit. By supporting our customers, to make qualified exports in the right markets.

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